Disney Inspired Nail Art.

Nail Art Wednesdays Disney.jpg

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.

That’s right, the theme for this week’s Nail Art Wednesday is Disney! I love Disney so I had a fun time painting these nails and there are so many more I wish to create too.

Disney princesses 1

This first set of nails are a recreation of a set of nails by The Painted Panda (click the link in order to be taken to Amanda’s blog and the post which influenced me to recreate this design). If you visit Amanda’s blog you will see that her nails are so much better than mine, but practice makes perfect, right? So, here are the Disney Princess nails.

Because of the space on my nails on the second design I decided to try and add mouths to the princesses faces.

Disney princesses 2

Big mistake. Seriously, what is up with those mouths?

If you would like some inspiration for some Disney princess designs, please do click on the link above to Amanda’s blog. The link will take you directly to her post in which she shows you how to do these nails as well as the nail polishes she used.

Although these didn’t go as well as planned, I personally think that my next few designs are much better so don’t let my appalling ability to paint faces put you off reading on.

Minnie mouse

This next design is actually one of my favourites. Here we have some Minnie Mouse nails. I love these, I think they look very cute and I may have to do them again some day. Surprisingly, this was actually one of my first nails designs from 2013.

This whole design was created using polish from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit with the stripers and dotting tools. I used the red striper for a french manicure design, then I went over it adding dots with the white dotting tool. Finally, using the black striper I created little bows.

101 Dalmatians

My fourth Disney design are inspired by the movie 101 Dalmatians, so here are my 101 Dalmatian nails.

These nails were very simple to do. I painted my nails white and used a red striper in order to create the dog collar on one nail. Then I used my largest dotting tool and dipped it into Seventeen nail polish in the shade Fury.

Next, using two different sized dotting tools dipped in a black nail polish, I placed random dots over the nails in random sizes, some overlapping, some smudged around a bit, and some simple dots.

Cinderella nails

My final set of Disney inspired nails are my Cinderella nails featuring Cinderella’s glass slipper.

Here I painted all of my nails blue using Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Malibu. Then I used my white striper to paint the glass slipper. Additionally, I used the striper and dotting tool to create a few stars around the slipper. Finally, I used a glitter nail polish to paint the tips of my nails and on the nail with the glass slipper I did a diagonal line of light glitter over the stars and slipper, although the line doesn’t need to be neat.

I hope you enjoyed my Disney nails, I found them fun to create and replicate. Which one was your favourite?

As a big Disney fan, I hope to expand my range of Disney Inspired Nail Art in the future, so feel free to comment your favourite Disney movie or character below and I’ll see what I can create with my nail polish.


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