Review: Happyslapped by a Jellyfish by Karl Pilkington.

Karl Pilkington“That’s the problem with problems, you sort one out and it makes another.” – Karl Pilkington.

Look at me, broadening my horizons again with this non-fiction book full of humour, diary extracts, poems and cartoons revolving around Pilkington’s travels around the world. My best friend and her mum bought me this book because they knew I enjoyed watching An Idiot Abroad and The Moaning of Life, so I decided to bump it up in my reading list.

The sense of humour in this book matches that of the TV shows Pilkington is in e.g. An Idiot Abroad. It also displays Pilkington’s interests which no one he seems to hang around with seems to share. Pilkington always expresses his honest opinion which are often the cause of our laughter and he isn’t ashamed or embarrassed about how he feels. This matches Pilkington’s behaviour in An Idiot Abroad, so If you enjoyed the show, you’re likely to enjoy this book.

I also loved the travel focus of this book. Pilkington is known for having travelled to different countries and his witty remarks, so it is lovely to have this presented in book form. After all, some of us just prefer reading.

The book is split into different places with the occasional  poem about a specific place or topic he has mentioned, only adding to the humour. It’s lovely to see different opinions on different places and as someone who is interested in travelling it has taught me that when booking holidays I should do my research in order to avoid discomfort and disappointment; I could do with avoiding flying cockroaches as much as possible.

This book is a lovely quick read which can be finished in an evening; I suppose it helps that there are quite a few illustrations which are drawn by Pilkington himself. Also, the language is easy to follow once you get into it as it is written the same way in which he speaks.

Overall, I found this book rather enjoyable to read and rate it 4/5. I definitely recommend it to fellow fans of Karl Pilkington.


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