Blog Updates.

Last night I decided that it was time for something new: a new theme. I know I have only had my previous theme for about four months, but I was never too fond of it because it wasn’t as easy to navigate as I wanted, nor did it have the colours I particularly wanted on it. With my previous theme you weren’t able to view my pages unless you knew to click on a particular button, so unless you’re overly familiar with the theme it was possible you didn’t know where pages, such as my About were located.

After plenty of scrolling through various themes and lots of comparison I finally settled on a theme I liked. Then I spent even more time customising it until I was satisfied. The most important part now, is that my pages are now clearly visible to everyone viewing my blog.

This new theme is simplistic, easy to find your way around and has everything I need on it. I like it, and I hope you do too, so feel free to have a little look around.

I am still making decisions in regards to where I am going with some aspects of this blog. As a result of this, I would really appreciate it if you would follow this link to a post I wrote yesterday and respond to my poll if you haven’t already.

I will be back with a post later on today and this will be my first review of a beauty product which I hope will be just as useful and detailed as my book reviews appear to have been.


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