Half Nail, Nail Art.

“A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.” – David Mitchell.

The theme for this week’s Nail Art Wednesday is half nail, nail art. This is because sometimes when I want to do a design on my nail I either do not want to cover the whole nail, or I want both halves of the nail to look differently. The nail designs I am going to present you with today are going to be split in half both vertically down the nail as well as diagonally. This is also one of those examples I mentioned in my Stripe Inspired Nail Art post where stripes have been used in a way to create a nail not strictly made of stripes as in this post we will encounter blocks of colour,spots and aztec-like designs similar to my Tribal Inspired Nail Art.

Blue black and white

I have decided to start off with the first design I did which fits this theme. Here we have a turquoise base with a zebra-like stripe print diagonally along the bottom half of the nail. Because the background colour was very thin I decided to add some white dots along the diagonal line in order to lighten the design more so that there wasn’t so strong a contrast between the rather clear turquoise and the black diagonal line.

What I used:

Green white and silver

Sticking with the diagonal nails, these next two designs are similar to the previous one, but done slightly differently.

For this next design I decided to keep the background clear and replace the white with green, and the black stripes with white stripes and a silver line separating the pattern from my clear nail.

All of the nail polish, except the base coat, are from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit mentioned previously. From this kit I used the green, white and silver stripers, though you can use any colour combination you want. In fact, all of these designs can be adapted using different bright, light or dark colours to suit your personal fancy.

Red black and white

Meanwhile, for the other design I chose a bright red background considering the turquoise hadn’t come out as bright as originally expected. I do not remember which red polish I used for the design, but any will do, it doesn’t even need to be red.

Also similar to the first design, I used a white and black striper to create the detail on the lower diagonal half of the nail in a zebra-like pattern. These stripers were too from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit.

Blue black and white aztec

Now we are going to move onto designs which have been split into half vertically rather than diagonally.

For this design I painted the whole nail white and used Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in Blue Grape to paint the left half of each nail.

Next, using the black striper from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit, I painted a triangular pattern down the white half of the nail.

Orange and purple aztec

This final nail art design is similar to the previous one, but with a little more detail. Again I used Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint, but in the colours Satsuma and Blue Berry. These two colours were painted on each half of the nail and using the black striper from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit I painted a vertical line straight down the middle of the nail in order to neaten it up.

I would also like to point out that the Barry M nail polishes are ideal for doing nail art if you want blocks of colour. This is because the brush isn’t so big that it covers the whole nail. As a result of this, it wasn’t too difficult to neatly paint only half the nail in one colour.

Looking at the nail you can see that the black striper has been used to create two different triangular designs on either side of the nail. The design on the left (orange) replicates the design in the last nail art design I showed you, while the design on the right (purple) is a variation.

I hope you enjoyed all of these nail art designs, please let me know your favourite in the comments.

As always, I am open to any nail art suggestions you would be interested in seeing and you are free to make these in the comments or by visiting my Contact Me page.


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