Review: John Dies at the End by David Wong.

john dies at the end“Son, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.” – Marconi from John Dies at the End.

David Wong is the pseudonym of Jason Pargin. David Wong is also a character in John Dies at the End and is our narrator. This book is a mixture of genres; there’s some horror, humour and a whole lot of fantasy. I am not sure how to explain this book to you all – even the synopsis on Goodreads isn’t that informative – so if this book does spark any interest I would suggest reading a couple more reviews on it.

The first thirty or so pages were difficult to get into, but then I started enjoying it despite the weirdness of everything happening. I didn’t know what to expect opening this book so I just went with it and despite my confusion at parts I persevered and found myself surprisingly enjoying it.

The thing with this book, as with any humour really, is that your experience of it depends on what you find funny. As a result of this, John Dies at the End does have some very mixed reviews which I noticed on Goodreads. For the most part, the humour didn’t match my sense of humour, although I did have a little chuckle a couple of times near the end.

I am very surprised to say that I liked this book as it is unlike anything I have ever read before. In fact, it is definitely the most weird and bizarre thing my eyes have ever read. As a result of this, John Dies at the End is not a book I would widely recommend unless you are into demon-like creatures and the paranormal. The book did offer some explanations for what was happening, but I didn’t feel fully satisfied and have to say that I will not be picking up the sequel to this book.

One thing I did like about this book was the horror aspect. Well, it wasn’t at all a pleasure to read because it was a bit creepy for me, but that’s what horror is about. Horror is supposed to make you uncomfortable and this book certainly did that at times, especially as someone who greatly loathes spiders.

I would rate this book 2/5 because part of me slightly liked it, but overall the humour wasn’t right for me and it was difficult to get into. Furthermore, the title makes no sense.

“There’s darkness, yeah, but there’s light and it all balances out.”

I am sorry that this isn’t one of my more detailed reviews. To be honest, after two months I am so relieved to have finished this book and the weirdness of it has left me rather speechless.

Have you read this book? I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments.


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