Skincare Favourites for August.

“It’s strange how dreams get under your skin and give your heart a test for what’s real and what’s imaginary.” – Jason Mraz

Skincare isn’t a topic I delve into much, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Besides, who doesn’t want to wake up to soft, moisturised skin? When people think of skincare, they often relate it to the face, but for the purpose of this post I am combining face and body into one because I don’t have that many products to share.


nivea day creamMy daily face cream is the NIVEA® Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream. My cheeks used to be extremely red and dry, they would be itchy and irritated only causing them to become more red. I went through dozens of creams trying to find one that I liked and that didn’t irritate my skin and in the last few months I finally found this one and my skin has never been better. My face feels softer than it has ever been before, it hasn’t been irritated and the redness on my cheeks has calmed down a lot (although, I am naturally a bit red in the cheeks). If you have had issues with your skin in the past I definitely recommend trying this product. Plus, it’s only £4.99.

Also, please excuse the dirtiness of the tube, I took it on holiday with me last month.

Body:strawberry body butter

I love body butters. My favourite has always been by The Body Shop in Strawberry (strawberry is probably my favourite scent). It feels lovely, it smells lovely and most importantly, it makes my skin feel lovely. Strawberry is also one of my favourites because it isn’t overpowering like the orange and so mango is a close second for me.

I also love buying body butters in The Body Shop because I love going in and smelling all of the different scents, even though I know that at the end of the day I’ll always select strawberry.

raspberry body butterFor my birthday this year I received a different brand of body butter, and a different scent, in raspberry. Similar to The Body Shop‘s this body butter smells delicious and feels great on the skin. While I don’t think it is as moisturising as The Body Shop‘s I think it is a great alternative, especially considering how much cheaper it is:

The Body Shop Body Butter = £14.

NSPA Body Butter (sold in Asda) = £3.

Yes, that is quite a difference and I would recommend it. Plus, this brand has scents which The Body Shop doesn’t including the raspberry I have and also cherry.

nivea body lotionNivea is one of my favourite brands. It is very affordable and I have never had a problem with them. As a result, if I am unable to get my hands on body butter, I use Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion for £4.99.

What I like about this product is that my skin absorbs the lotion a lot faster than the body butters so they are perfect if you are in a bit of a rush as you can pretty much get dressed straight away after applying it (unless you use tons of the stuff, at least).

Obviously, this is not everything I ever use on my skin. Other products e.g. face wash, I don’t have a particular favourite product for, I will just use whatever my mum feels like buying and don’t ask for anything specific.

This is everything for my Skincare Favourites, what are your favourite products to use on your skin?



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