Fruit Inspired Nail Art.

“Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” – Aristotle.

Sticking to a summery theme before the season draws to a close and we embrace autumn, this week I am going to share some fruit inspired nails.


My first set of nails are cherries.

The background polish used here is Lychee from the Barry M Hi Shine Gel Nail Paint collection. The polishes I used for the cherries and the detail are all from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit from which I used the red, green and white.

With the green polish I used the included striper for the cherry stems and with the red and white I used the inbuilt dotting tool to create the cherries themselves (as in the edible part).


My second set of nails are for the most part kiwi nails. Also, wow, look at the length of that thumbnail!

For this design I mostly used equipment from the Rio Ultimate Nail Art Professional Artist Collection as well as a green nail polish. The green nail polish I used is from China Glaze in the colour Paper Chasing.

From the collection mentioned above I used the black polish with a dotting tool and the fruit slices which I stuck onto my nail on my ring finger. Underneath the slices you can also see that part of my nail is red, this is the same red as in the kit and I painted a diagonal line across the nail with it and filled in the lower half.

For the yellow part of the kiwi I used the yellow striper from the Rio Professional Neon Nail Art Kit to create a rough oval shape in the middle of the nail with lines going outwards outside the ring of black seeds.


This next nail art design are watermelon inspired. I have never actually tried watermelon, unless watermelon vodka counts, but I do know that it has a delicious smell and looks very summery.

The nail polishes used for this design are:

All the fruits

The final nail art design for today’s Nail Art Wednesday is, well, all of the fruits! Or, a fruit per nail, but then I soon ran out of nails. Either way, these nails basically make up your five a day!

This was a quick design I did earlier today. I was rather pushed for time, but wanted to take the opportunity to do another design since this post only had three.

So, here we have apple, lime, pineapple, orange and grape. The fruits are all stuck on and the nail polish is all Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint (Key Lime, Satsuma and Blue Berry) and Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish. And yes, I tried to find nail polishes with fruity names which matched the fruit I was using as closely as possible.

This is unfortunately not one of my favourite designs, but it is very bright and summery. I personally think that this design might look better if done more simply, for instance by sticking one fruit on one nail and leaving the rest of the nails plain and in the same colour.

I hope you liked these nails, which design was your favourite?

Also, feel free to suggest some nail art themes in the comments and I will try my best to create some designs.


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