Nail Favourites for August.

“A girlfriend went on a couple of dates with a guy who criticized the colour of her nail polish. She said, “The suggestion department is closed for the evening, but fax your idea tomorrow and we’ll file it right over there in the suggestion box.” (Then she pointed to the kitchen trash.)” – Sherry Argov.

It will not come as a surprise to many of you that I love painting my nails. As a result, I am going to share for this week’s Friday Favourites the nail products I have been enjoying lately. This will include nail care as well as specific brands of nail polish and colours.

Nail favourites nail careLet’s begin with nail care:

Last Christmas I worked in Boots and whilst putting stock out I encountered Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream for £5.99. From already having been working in the store for a month my hands and nails were rather damaged so after reading some reviews I decided to purchase this cream and ever since I have loved it. Almost eight months later I am still loving this product and my nails are in better condition than ever as it helps to keep them moisturised. Despite the product being small it is very good value for money because I use it several times a week and still am on my first tin and haven’t yet hit pan. I will definitely be repurchasing this when I eventually run out. Before I forget, there is also one more thing I absolutely love about this product: the smell. The cream has a lovely lemon scent, whenever I whack it out around my friends, they can’t resist a little sniff of this lemony goodness.

Carrying on with nail care we have the Dove Regenerating Nourishment Hand Cream for £4.19. I never used to use hand creams and my hands would get very dry and irritated so I was forced to succumb to the wonder that is hands creams. This product smells lovely and feels great on my hands. I admit that I often forget to put it on, but when I do I don’t regret it. I always try and put it on before painting my nails to give them a chance to hydrate a bit more before I layer on the nail polish. This product was also a nail saver after having had my nails done with gel polish as they were so weak and damaged.

As with everyone else who blogs or makes videos about nails, I must emphasise the importance of wearing a base coat when painting your nails. I always use Sally Hansen base coats, but one I am currently using is Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat for £5.25. It’s a base coat and a top coat all in one which is perfect to ensure that your nails last as long as possible, though of course this is also dependent on the nail polish used. Many of my nail polishes stain my nails, but this base coat reduces the extent to which they are stained and in many cases prevents them from being stained at all.

Nail favourites nail polishNow that our nails and hands are cared for and protected we can move onto the fun bit: nail polishes!

I paint my nails a lot so I hate spending too much money on the polishes as if I really like a colour is doesn’t take me too long to get through it compared to other polishes. This also isn’t helped by the fact that I occasionally paint my friend’s nails (not that I’m complaining). As a result of this, all of the polishes I use can be found in Boots or on Amazon and I have never spent over £7.99 on a single nail polish.

One of my favourite nail polish brands is Barry M. I adore the Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paints for £3.99 and I have many of the colours (although not all, but I’m working on it). My favourite colours to wear for the summer months have been Mango and Green Berry; I love the fruity names. For the same price, I also love Barry M’s Matte Nail Paint collection, especially the shades Malibu and Cancun.

Another favourite nail brand of mine is Essie. I love these nail polishes, but they are almost double the price of Barry M at £7.99, so I actually only own one of these. I fully intend to own more, but whenever I am faced with them all I find it impossible to make a decision as to which I want because there are so many choices. The shade I own is Fall in Line, not a particularly summery shade, but I love it nonetheless.

My final nail favourite is the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit. I have mentioned these in all of my nail art posts, so it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t feature somewhere in my favourites. These polishes are perfect for those who love nail art and I bought them when I was first starting out. I now have three of the different kits, although there are more. The price on these fluctuates, but on Amazon you tend to be able to buy a kit of eight polishes for roughly £20. The beauty of this product is that you can unscrew the polish and use the striper, or you can pull off the lid and use the dotting tool, it is a two in one product allowing you to create whatever you design you please using a combination of both or just one.

What are your favourite nail products?



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