Les Misérables.

“He never went out without a book under his arm, and he often came back with two.” – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.

Les MisYesterday I had the pleasure of going to Queen’s Theatre in London to go and see the incredible Les Misérables. It was my best friend’s birthday back in June so I bought us a couple of tickets to celebrate and the day for us to go finally came.

Our day began very early because London is a two plus hour drive from where we live; it doesn’t help that London is an extremely busy city, but what else would you expect from the capital? We arrived in Victoria just before ten in the morning and spent two hours walking and dipping in and out of shops (including two book shops).

After lunch we went in search of the theatre and the excitement really set in the moment we set our sights on it. Of course, we were a little early so we had to wait a little while for the doors to open and we ended up beginning a queue in typical British fashion. Why is it we love to queue?

Les Mis viewEventually, we made it inside and to our seats. Due to our earliness we had time for a drink at the bar. Our seats had a fantastic view of the stage, we had to lean forwards, but we didn’t consider that a problem. Also a plus, I didn’t walk out of the show with an aching neck from looking down onto the stage. The photo on the left shows our view of the stage, obviously taken before the show began.

Now onto the show… wow.

The performance was brilliant and amazing. All of the actors were so talented and as a fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher it made me extremely happy to be able to see her perform. Her voice was superb, especially considering that she’s been ill and actually had to take a couple of days off work so this matinee show was her first back. Unfortunately, she didn’t come outside after the show due to still being ill and because of the busy person she is, but hopefully next time.

All of the other actors, musicians and the whole crew were wonderful too, though unfortunately I do not know their names to give them credit (and if I did this would be an extraordinarily long post). The sound effects, the lighting, the props, the costumes, all were wonderful and helped to make it the incredible show it is and I am so glad that I was able to see it.

If you are going to see a show in London I definitely recommend Les Misérables. It was marvellous and full of talent. I hope to be able to see it again, maybe even soon because I loved and enjoyed it so much. The songs are also still in my head!

This afternoon I thought I would go on Netflix to watch Les Misérables, the movie, but was very disappointed to be unable to find it. Have they removed it? Why? I wanted to relive it all without the expense and energy of going to London. I suppose I’ll just have to listen to the soundtrack on YouTube in the meantime (which I really must buy along with the movie).

Are you a Les Misérables fan?

– Lauren

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