Sky Inspired Nail Art.

“She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars.” – Neil Gaiman.

Another new Nail Art Wednesday, another new theme. The theme for this week is the sky.

The sky is a rather mysterious and exciting place. There are all these different weather types, all these stars, planets etc. and the universe is ever expanding. I love the sky and space and it was this interest which encouraged me to take physics in my first year of college (this was a big mistake because the whole first year of the course was about waves and lenses, so imagine my disappointment).

Galaxy nails

As a result of this, I am starting this nail art post big with some nails so far into the sky that they’re in space with these galaxy nails.

These are a bit messy because I remember doing them in a rush the night before I was going to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff (are you really surprised that I like Doctor Who?). I remember loving this design (and receiving a lot of love for them) so I must recreate these soon as it has been over two years now. Of course, two and a half years ago I was just starting out and could have never come up with how to do this design by myself, so I followed a nail art tutorial which I have found again to share with you all so that you can create them yourself if you like, or just see how they were done. To see this nail art tutorial please click here.

If you don’t like clicking on links and would rather search yourself, go onto YouTube and search “galaxy nails tutorial” and find the video by MissJenFABULOUS.


Inching back towards the earth a little, we have some clear stars in the sky. I did this design back at Christmas when I was trying out my brand new and first ever printing plate.

This printing plate was from the Rio Ultimate Nail Art Professional Artist Collection as was the silver polish I used for the stars. Meanwhile, the background polish I used is Barry M Nail Paint in the shade Denim, a lovely dark colour with a sort of matte sparkle effect to it.

Night sky

This next nail art design is the moon with plenty of stars around it and in the distance.

For the sky I used a dark blue nail polish, more specifically Seventeen Gel Colour in Blue Lagoon. Then, using a white polish and a large dotting tool I placed a big dot on one nail for the moon. Taking a slightly smaller dotting tool I dipped it into the same dark blue as before and placed it on the edge of the white dot in order to create a crescent moon. Finally, using my smallest dotting tool I covered all of the nails and the area surrounding the moon in dots to represent the different stars.


Getting much closer to planet earth now, here are my umbrella nails.

I did these either last winter or the winter before, basically to represent the lousy weather we have in the UK. To be honest, these nails would also be suitable in the “summer” months here in the UK. Of course, this design could be recreated with differently coloured umbrellas, or even ones with patterns, but I liked the simplicity of the red and how well it went against the grey background.


This final design is a recent favourite which I actually painted not too long ago. Here are my weather nails.

The background sky is Barry M’s Matte Nail Paint in Malibu (also the shade I used for my The Fault in Our Stars nails).

On each nail I did a different sky/weather related image including the sun, a storm, a rainbow, clouds and a kite and they received a fair bit of love on my Instagram. The designs for each nail were created using a dotting tool or stripers from (surprise, surprise) my much loved Rio Professional Nail Art Kit though I did use polish from both the original and the neon kit.

I hope you all liked these sky themed nail art designs, tell me in the comments which one was your favourite.

Over the past few weeks I have posted quite a few diverse nail designs so please let me know if they inspire you to do your own, I would be very interested in checking them out.

– driftinglexi


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