Tip Nail Art.

“”What’s wrong, little sis? You look upset.”
She could barely catch her breath. “Cracked…my…nail polish slapping your… worthless face. See?” She showed him her finger – just one of them.
“Cute” He snorted.” – Cassandra Clare.

Sometimes it is nice to do nails which focus on just one area: the tips. Most of these designs are rather simple to create and there’s even one at the end created using stickers.

French manicure

I thought that it would make sense to start with a classic French manicure. I rarely do a French manicure, but when I had a job interview last year I thought it would look more professional than all of my bright or dark nail polish colours.

To do this French manicure I used the Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit. Sally Hansen is one of the best when it comes to nails as the polishes tend to be long lasting. I especially love Sally Hansen’s base coats as they’re very good at protecting my natural nail as well are hardening them.

Black bow

For this next nail design I used the same polishes as above as well as a black striper from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit.

With this striper I created a bow on one nail just to make them a little more interesting.

Black and silver tips

On the right here I decided to add another stripe to my tips. I was looking at my nail polishes and decided that I didn’t want to have plain white tips so I experimented with a black and silver and really liked the two colours together. The silver tones down the black so that it isn’t so harsh and adds a little shimmer to the design, perfect for going out.

Blue tips

Because I liked having two colours on the tips of my nails, I decided to experiment further with other colours. In this photo you can see that I experimented with two shades of blue nail polish. When painting these I tried to follow the tip of my natural nail which led to the nails all coming out different and therefore looking a little odd together.

Blue and black tips with bows

At a later date I took this design one step further again, using the same two colours to create vertical stripes and using a black striper in order to create bows on two of the nails. I also use the black to create a border over the top of the tips in order to neaten them up a bit and to define the tip.

Due to the detail, especially with the black, this design was a little more fiddly, but I quite liked the result. However, it think it would have gone a little better if all of my nails had been of equivalent lengths.

The blue polishes for these design were both taken from Rio Prefessional Nail Art Kits, though unfortunately they are not in the same one. Also, the black polish is the same striper which I used before.

Usually in my nail art posts I tend to show five designs at a time, but I have two more to show you today:

Multicoloured tips

Above I have done a twist on a French manicure. Instead of a clear polish, I used Barry M‘s Lychee to cover the whole nail. I then decided to do a bit of a rainbow over my hand by doing multicoloured tips in red, orange, green, blue and a darker blue. All of the polishes I used for the tips are (unsurprisingly) stripers from various Rio Professional Nail Art Kits.

Seveteen nail sticker tips

This final design I created using the SEVENTEEN Limited Edition Glitter Nail Tips and Barry M‘s Blueberry nail polish.

While I thought that the colours of the polish and stickers went nicely together, I did not enjoy my experience of using the nail tips. They were very fiddly to use and I had to keep cutting them to the right length and they didn’t suit the shape of my nails very well. Furthermore, they didn’t last very long and I recall peeling most of them off the  following day. As a result of this, I do not recommend these.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of designs for painting the tips of your nails. Which design was your favourite?

– driftinglexi


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