A Quote a Day Challenge: Day Two.

I do not want to repeat myself in this post with the rules of this challenge, so linked here is day one in which the details of the challenge are explained for anybody interested.

My second quote:

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” – Cicero.

For this quote I did do a little bit of research online because I wanted to determine that it was Cicero who said it, though considering he was alive over two thousand years ago that can prove tricky. After all, it is common for quotes to be associated with the wrong person. From what I can tell, this quote is a translation from a letter Cicero wrote to Atticus, although translations can be dodgy.

This is a quote which is very much argued against online, but as with everything it depends on your interpretation. I love reading, so it is hardly surprising that books are a big part of my life. If it wasn’t for books, I wouldn’t be who I am today; none of us would be who we are today.

These bundles of ink and paper can provide so much knowledge which can be used to benefit all of us. As children, many of us, we read bedtime stories, in school we had to read textbooks, in English we were set books to read and analyse. Books have existed for a very long time and without them we would all be entirely different people. If all my books were snatched away from me right now and all books were eliminated from the world, it would be like tearing out a part of my soul. Some may argue that this is “sad”, but books are wonderful. They fill you with hope and love and happiness and they help me to cope by allowing me to escape from my own life and into the body of a character or a whole new world.

What are your thoughts regarding this quote?

My second nominee:

– driftinglexi


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