TV Favourites for July.

“Life isn’t always romantic. Sometimes, it’s realistic. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you want them to.” – Ezra from Pretty Little Liars.

I am a big fan of TV shows. This makes it difficult for me to decide on my favourites, so for this favourites post I am restricting it to TV shows which are currently being aired or ones I am currently getting into.


This TV show actually aired last year, but it is only this month that I am finally getting into it.

The show follows a group made up of geniuses who each specialise in different areas of expertise as well as Paige who is an expert where the others are not: communication skills, plus she has a genius son.

The name of this group is Scorpion and they work together to defend the world from dangerous threats.

pretty little liars s1Pretty Little Liars.

June meant the start of another season of Pretty Little Liars, season six, and several weeks in I am still loving the show.

As with most TV shows with many seasons, this show has had its ups and downs and while I agree that it is taking a long time to get to the bottom of the mystery of A, it does have it’s exciting moments. Since the series first started it has gotten a whole lot darker and as someone who does enjoy horror, I have been loving it.

The show begins with four girls who are apart of a group of friends and the leader of this group has disappeared. A year after this disappearance, the four girls who are left are reunited after having drifted apart when they start to receive suspicious messages from someone called “A”. These messages are often threatening as A uses their fear of exposure of their secrets to get them to do what she wants while also putting the people the girls love as well as themselves in dangerous situations


This is a new series which started mid June and now that I have seen several episodes I can confirm that I am really enjoying it.

Humans is science fiction and about a world where there are both humans and machines, or synths, who are basically created and bought by people for their own uses. These synths have been used in the home as maids, in call centres and even as prostitutes. These machines are creepy and can be scary at times as you see how dangerous they can be, but this only makes the series more enjoyable and action-packed.

One of the actors in this TV show is Colin Morgan who played the wizard Merlin in BBC’s Merlin. I loved Merlin so I was pleasantly surprised to see the actor again in another series, although he will always be Merlin to me.

beauty and the beastBeauty and the Beast.

This series has been around for a few years now and is currently on its third season. I do feel that the enjoyability of the show decreased in the last season, but I also am starting to enjoy it again in this season.

This TV show is about a detective, working for the New York Police Department, who falls in love with an ex-soldier in hiding. This ex-soldier, Vincent, is hiding from a secret government organisation who made him into a beast. The detective, Cat, discovers Vincent when a case leads her to him and as they get to know each other and work together Cat uncovers various secrets concerning her family as well as Vincent’s own beastly secret.

I would also like to add that Cat is played by Kristin Kreuk. Anyone who watched Smallville is probably familiar with this name. It was actually Kristin’s main role in this series which most influenced me to watch this TV show.

person of interestPerson of Interest.

This final TV show I haven’t  actually watched yet. This is because once I am caught up with Scorpion I intend to watch it. Due to the fact I haven’t seen it yet I am including it in my favourites because I have heard good things about it and one of my friends recommended it to me. However, this also makes it difficult for me to summarise what the show is about so here is the synopsis from IMDb:

An ex-assassin and a wealthy programmer save lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of civilians involved in impending crimes. However, the details of the crimes–including the civilians’ roles–are left a mystery.

I look forward to starting this series and now that I’ve mentioned it to you all I am even more so hoping that this series is good.

What TV shows have you been enjoying so far this month? Have you watched any of the shows I included above?

– driftinglexi


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