Rhinestone Nail Art.

“Rhinestone: an imitation diamond, used in cheap jewellery and to decorate clothes.”

Rhinestones have the ability to add just a little sparkle to an otherwise plain nail. They can be used in various ways, some rather simplistic and others more complicated.

Black rhintestones

This first design is simply a single black rhinestone on each nail. In the photo the nail polish looks orange, but it is in fact Barry M‘s Carousel which is a pink shade. For some reason when I tend to photograph pinks they appear orange and when I photograph oranges they appear pink. Unfortunately, I do not think that this colour is available any more because it was limited edition from possibly last year.

Black sparkly and rhinestones

This second nail design is not exactly complicated, but it involves a lot more rhinestones than the previous designs. Here I used a glittery black nail polish on all of my nails and on one I covered it with clear rhinestones while the polish was still wet.

This wasn’t exactly my favourite nail design, but others appeared to like it. I don’t often tend to use rhinestones any more because I’m always too tempted to pick them off, especially when used in large amounts.

Blue and nude and rhinestones

For this next design I painted the whole nail in Lyhee (Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint). Then, from the same brand I used Green Berry and carefully used the brush to paint a diagonal line whilst filling in the bottom half of the nail below the line.

This was one of those instances where I felt that my nails were missing something, so I placed clear rhinestones over the diagonal line on one nail (I felt that it would be too much to do on every nail).

Green and multicoloured rhinetstones

This is my favourite nail art design with rhinestones. Here I used the Seventeen Gel Colour nail polish in Emerald Tropics. This is a beautiful green colour and from experience I know that this nail polish is long lasting. I found this is always good when using rhinestones as they can easily be picked off.

I then selected four different coloured rhinestones which were rather light in colour. I chose purple, blue, pink and yellow and arranged them on my nails accordingly. I think that this is a lovely design for the spring and summer because of the brightness of the green. Also, the arrangement of rhinestones on the ring finger almost look like a flower.

Purple black and rhinstones

This final nail design is actually an older one. As you can see in the image I used the Barry M Gelly nail polish, this time in Blue Berry. I had a purple rhinestone which matched closely to this nail polish shade so I decided to used them together in a design along with a black nail polish and black rhinestone.

In order to created the diagonal stripes, I used a different black polish. Anyone who has read my previous nail art posts will not be surprised that I am about to mention this product. To create these lines I used the black striper from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit. These nails art kits are perfect for beginners as they are good value for money (eight polishes for approximately £20) and easy to use. Also, no cleaning of brushes or dotting tools is required.

I hope you enjoyed this post on rhinestones. Which design was your favourite?

– driftinglexi


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