Southern Culture Haul.

SC3“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” – J.R.R. Tolkien.

Yesterday afternoon I ordered some jewellery from Southern Culture and I just went downstairs to get some lunch to find that my delivery had arrived. I am already incredibly impressed with the speediness of delivery from this company. Now, onto what I ordered…

southern cultureAs a whole, the image to the left displays everything I bought. There are two bracelets which came as a set, two necklaces and a watch. Don’t worry if you are unable to see all of the details in the jewellery pieces, I have close-ups further on in this post.

Surprisingly, I found this website when I was scrolling through Facebook. I never thought that I would say this, but thank you, Facebook.

Southern Culture is based in Southampton in the UK, but they do ship worldwide in case anyone is interested. Not sure yet? Keep reading.

platform nine and three quartersI am not going to go through these purchases in the order indicated in the photo. I am going to start with the item which first attracted me to this site; this item is also the most exciting, in my opinion.

Unsurprisingly, this item is from their Harry Potter collection. Glad you kept reading now, aren’t you? The mention of Harry Potter attracted me too. They actually have a lot of Harry Potter jewellery pieces, but I don’t think my bank account would appreciate me buying it all so I had to be selective. I eventually settled on this Platform 9 and 3/4 necklace in bronze and wow, I love it. I shall be wearing this a lot. Also, it wasn’t expensive at only £7.

mr potterMy second piece of Harry Potter themed jewellery is the Mr Potter silver necklace. The necklace has Harry’s glasses with his scar on the top where his forehead would be.

This necklace is also available in gold, but I chose silver so that I would have two very differently coloured Harry Potter necklaces, therefore making them ideal for any outfit I wanted to throw a little Harry Potter into.

I think this is a more subtle way for me to share and wear my love for Harry Potter so I shall definitely be wearing his a lot and it was only £5.

moon and star braceletsFor those who have seen my post on my tattoos it is probably not very shocking that I was attracted to this next product. These are the Moon and Star bracelets.

I love the moon and the stars so I really could not resist. I almost bought the necklace version too. I especially prefer the moon bracelet because of the detail on it’s face. Again, this product is available in gold too, but I much preferred the silver.

These bracelets were very well priced at £6 and they came as a pack of two. This means that they were basically £3 each and therefore were very good value for money.

sc watchI’m still not entirely sure why I bought a watch, I just thought it looked pretty even though I’ve already had two new watches in less than two months. Nevertheless, this watch was a steal at only £7.

Specifically, this is the Black Beaded Leaf Wrist Watch, although it is also available in green and brown. I was tempted to buy the green, but quite frankly there isn’t enough green in my wardrobe (especially after yesterday’s sort out which can be read about here). As a result of this, I settled on black as it will go with absolutely anything I wear.

Overall, I am very impressed with Southern Culture. The products are beautiful and extremely well-priced. Additionally, their delivery service is brilliant and speedy. My only concern is that due to the cheapness of the products, I worry that they will not last as long. If anyone is interested, however, I may make a post later on this year to examine the durability of these products. If they don’t last, I think it is likely that I would repurchase them though because they are so affordable.

If you live in the UK and are interested in any of the products on their website, if you spend £25 or over you can get free delivery by using the code “FREEDEL”.

I hope you enjoyed this post, which item was your favourite?

– driftinglexi


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