Tribal Inspired Nail Art.

“There is an ancient tribal proverb I once heard in India. It says that before we can see properly we must first shed our tears to clear the way.” – Libba Bray.

I love tribal design nails because of all the detail as well as colour you can include. As a result, I had great fun painting the following sets of nails!

Below are my first set of tribal nails. What was I thinking? I mean, that filter! I can assure you that my hands really are not that orange in real life.

Tribal 1

Nevertheless, I created this design with a white base and using my much loved Rio Professional Nail Art Kit. I wanted this design to be colourful so I chose the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue, to create stripes and spots.

This is possibly one of my favourite nail designs because of the colours. Additionally, I received many compliments on them and at that time people were surprised and amazed at the detail. Little did they know that two years later my designs would be getting a little more complex.

Tribal 4

This next design was slightly more complicated with even more lines and spots. I’m also surprised at the evenness of the length of my nails!

Here I have used the black from the previously mentioned kit in order to create the detail. From the camera and lighting it is hard to detect whether the background is a silver or a gold, but it is gold. However, with a design like this you can easily use any two colours of your choosing, or you could even be adventurous and use more.

Tribal 2

In this next design I went more neon with the detail, temporarily straying from the black. Here I used the stripers from the Rio Professional Neon Nail Art Kit. This kit is different to the last one I mentioned because the colours are much brighter and it provides a new range of colours, although it does still have the classic black and white polishes. This was the second kit I bought after having loved the first as I wanted new colours, plus it replenished my black and white since those two colours get used an awful lot.

Furthermore, this is one of my first designs in which I tried making zigzags. Surprisingly, it is more difficult than you expect because you need to get the angles just right, plus it is difficult sometimes to ensure that you don’t paint the lines too long.

Tribal 6

Now we are getting into very recent designs. On the left is the most complicated design I have done in over a month as a result of having had gels recently and then having to let my nails recover and heal a bit. Because of this I have been out of practice, so these are slightly messy.

Regardless, here I have used the green striper from the first kit I mentioned and the blue from the second kit and again a black striper over a white background. This time around I think I can confirm that my zigzagging ability has improved; it’s always nice to notice some progress.

Tribal 7

This final design is actually the one I am wearing as I type this. Here I have used the red from the first Rio kit and the yellow and oranges from the neon Rio kit. Due to the use of the yellow and the light orange it was a little difficult to photograph, especially since they were painted on a white background. However, since it is summer now I wanted a design which was fairly bright and colourful to suit the sunny weather (this is the UK after all, so who knows how long this lovely weather is going to last).

I hope you enjoyed this post, which tribal design and colour combination was your favourite?

– Lauren

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