Summer Goals.

“Achievement: a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.”

Despite my temporary job, I still have a lot of free time this summer. As a result of this there are several things I wish to accomplish or at least work towards this season. After all, everyone loves to feel a sense of achievement at some point or another.

I have already written a list of books I intend on reading over the next two months which can be read here.

On top of this I have several other tasks which are not as directly related to my blog:

  • Wear my glasses more. As someone who is short-sighted I do not always have to wear my glasses, but because of this it is also easy to forget about them. Shortsightedness means that I have difficulty seeing long distances. In order to do this I am going to try and form a habit of wearing them e.g. whenever I watch tv in the evenings.
  • Start and possibly complete a gel nails course. Whether I continue to do nails for my own pleasure, as a hobby, or a source of income I would really like this accomplishment.
  • aqualertDrink enough water. I am one of those people who do not drink enough so recently I have downloaded an app which reminds me every hour and a half to drink a glass of water. This app is called Aqualert and is displayed in the photo to the right. It calculates for you how much you are supposed to drink according to your height, weight and level of activity. This is an important goal because for years now I have never drunk enough water so I would spend the majority of evenings, especially after school or college, with a headache due to dehydration.
  • Be more active. I hate exercise, but over summer I always tend to be a bit more active than usual. I love going for walks so I intend to walk to the shops a couple of times a week and I can motivate myself by treating myself in Boots which is only a mile from my house. I would also really like to get back into doing Blogilates, it’s just hard to motivate myself some mornings though once I start and get into I do enjoy it and I love Cassey.

By writing and publishing this post I am committing myself to achieving these goals.

Do you have any goals you wish to accomplish over the summer?

– driftinglexi

4 thoughts on “Summer Goals.

  1. franzi000 says:

    I just have to say this now..I love your blog..but you probabky noticed, because I am always stalking your posts 😉 I really enjoyed reading this post..I can so see myself in it! I also have glasses for seeing better in the distance. But I wear mine often..I especially need them for driving with my car or at home I mostly take them off.
    I also know the not enough water problem..I drink when I am thustey..but thats apparentky not enough..I often have a headache..I didnt know that there was an app for that xD But it shouldnt surprise me..theres an app for everything..haha 😉
    And I think I am the most “non sporty” person on the whole world..but I shoooooould do least a bit xD but I just havent found a spott that I thats really difficult for me to bring myself to do something, but its a silent goal for my summer xD


    • driftinglexi says:

      Wow, thank you so much, you’re so sweet. It’s so lovely to hear people enjoying what I write. And in case you haven’t noticed I love your blog too! You probably have noticed though considering every week I’m nominating you for tags/awards. Aw, it’s nice that you can relate! If I drove a car I would definitely need them, I feel like I need them when I’m navigating sometimes and I was supposed to wear my glasses at college, but erm… Yeah. That’s why it’s a goal now! Haha, I know, it’s so easy to become dehydrated! I suppose with sport you have to try various things and see if anything clicks. I always used to join my mum with her pilates/yoga when I was younger. However, I would never be caught running! Good luck with your goal!

      Liked by 1 person

      • franzi000 says:

        You´re very welcome 🙂
        Hahaha I have noticed indeed xD I am bit slow on doing them all, but I have not forgotten! And it´s really nice of you to nominate me all the time 😀
        Yeah that with the glasses..I don’t know I like to wear them..most of the time 😉 when I am at home they are a bit uncomfortable, especially when I am reading and want to lie on the couch. But at university I just need them, especially if the professors use a power point presentation or something like that..
        Wish you luck with wearing them more often 😉
        Yeah sport is difficult xD I don’t want to do it alone, because it bores me and I am just not doing it by myself and most of my friends life at least 20 min away and I don’t want to drive to just do sport xD and I don’t want to pay tons of money for a fitness center or something.. I am just too lazy xD Thanks..I´ll need that luck 😛


      • driftinglexi says:

        Haha, don’t worry, do it at your own pace! Or when teachers have small writing when using the board! Well if you walked to their house that would be a workout in itself, haha.


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