Well, this is embarrassing.

Exactly a week ago I published the post Freedom in which I stated that I wanted to take advantage of my new found freedom while I can before possibly travelling further along the road of education or turning off and getting a job.

That hasn’t exactly gone to plan. Yesterday I received a phone call from Next and I have a job! It is only temporary, I will literally be there for a week, but with any luck I will like it and they will want to keep me around for longer. Either way, it’s still experience so I will definitely get something out of it, besides money, of course.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I have failed at being free, but I just find it rather ironic how now that I’m not focused on working, a job pops up and they want to hire me. It is also a little funny that I didn’t even last a whole week.

People are funny too. My best friend is concerned that I might find work out of our home town so I’ll have to move away, so she has been looking out for potential jobs for me, including one where she works. Also, my brother wants me to work, probably because he has been working since he was sixteen and I’m nineteen now. However, that was completely his own choice. There’s also my mum and while we agreed that I don’t need a job until September, she is still keeping her eyes peeled and notifying me of anything she sees.

I know that this is only a temporary job, but a small part of me does have some hope that I’ll be kept on. Then again, a bigger part of me obviously enjoys being able to sleep, eat, drink, read etc. when I want and for however long I want. It will just be easier in the long run if I don’t need to worry about a job in two months time.

What can I say? Things change and a lot can happen in a week. I suppose with everyone around me shouting jobs left, right and centre it’s difficult not to be influenced by it and feel a bit pressured into working.

I hope you all enjoy these posts about my actual life. They are a lot more personal than book reviews so I feel like they’re nice to have whenever there’s something to write about. It gives me more personality, I suppose and I hope it makes me come across as someone who is very friendly and approachable if you ever want to talk to me. I feel that these posts give my blog a little more life. So far, this week has been rather eventful and exciting, but I promise you that not all my days and weeks are like this. I only write these posts when I have done something I want to share and therefore I will not necessarily be writing them every day, otherwise they could get extremely dull.

– driftinglexi


6 thoughts on “Next.

  1. franzi000 says:

    I know how you feel! My sister and my brother have both a job now and I have non. My parents dont presure me to look for one, but when they see something that could be interesting for me they tell me 😉 I want to have a job, but its really difficult because of my schedule at university and everything..and nobody wants me xD but I hope that I’ll find something in the next few months that fits . But congrats on your job! A week is a week and who knows what it’ll bring. Have fun at your knew job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • driftinglexi says:

      I know, it feels like everyone around you has a job so you kind of feel like you should too. Yeah when you have other things going on it’s difficult because you also need to be careful not to overwork yourself! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. belinda says:

    I’m catching up and doing a bad job of it, but congratulations on the job! Don’t worry, there will come a time again when you’ll have freedom — just probably when you don’t want it. Haha. Life is like that. I enjoy your personal posts. You have a fun writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

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