Cotswold Wildlife Park.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles M. Schulz.

Those who saw my post yesterday entitled VeryGiraffe Inspirational Blogger Award may already be aware of this, but yesterday I spent the day at a wildlife park. This wildlife park was Cotswold Wildlife Park. I am sure that a great deal of you are not aware of the existence of this place so I will provide some background information for you all.

Cotswold Wildlife Park is located in England. It is the home to over two hundred and sixty different species of animals. Furthermore, it is the largest privately owned zoological collection in the UK which opened in 1970.

MeerkatThe weather was lovely and sunny, a rare treat for the inhabitants of this country. Of course, this made it the perfect day out because the majority of the animals are outside.

I love this about the wildlife park because it gives many of the animals a bit of freedom to walk/run/swim/climb/fly about, especially when the weather is this nice. It also enables you to get really close to a lot of the animals.

The meerkat featured on the left was in a very open area, which you can probably tell from the quality of this picture I took. I went with my dad and he loved the meerkats, they were rather funny. There were about three on the edge play-fighting and you could see their sharp little teeth! They were so cute, especially the baby ones who were running about everywhere.

You can also see the openness of the park from the photo I took of the giraffe at the top of the post. There was a ramp you could walk up which would make you face to face with the giraffes when stood at full height which is a lovely experience. They were so close you could almost touch them, though of course you weren’t allowed. Before this I had definitely never seen a giraffe up close like that before.

I am not going to go through all of the animals, I didn’t take enough photos! Plus, when living things are involved it is always best to experience it yourself, photos never do the visit enough justice.

The final photo I took was of the penguins (how couldPenguin I not?) or should I say pengwins (any Benedict Cumberbatch fans get that reference?). Again, the bit around the penguins was very lovely. I was very jealous of them having lovely, clear, probably cool water in the warm and sunny weather.

It makes the visit even better when you can tell that the animals are happy and it sure looked like those penguins enjoyed that water. The penguins and meerkats definitely made me smile the most.

There was also a peacock and when we arrived the feathers on it were all spread out; he was clearly showing off to the female nearby. Unfortunately, due to the sunlight I couldn’t see my phone screen properly and was unable to get a good photo.

red panda 1 red panda 2Another favourite of mine was the red panda. I don’t know why, but I like red pandas. I liked the red panda so much so that I bought a small soft toy one in the gift shop. I love stuffed animals. My bed was full of them when I was younger and I unfortunately had to get rid of a great deal of them when I moved house.

What is your favourite animal?

Have you been to a wildlife park before, or even Costwold itself?

– driftinglexi


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