Review: How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff.

“Things Happen and once they start happening you pretty much just to hold on for dear life and see where they drop you when they stop.”

how i live nowHow I Live Now follows the story of Daisy, from America, who moves to England where her cousins live. In England Daisy finds not only love, but destruction  as she is torn away from those she loves as a result of a war.

“I don’t get nearly enough credit in life for the things I manage not to say.”

When I started this book I must admit that I wasn’t too fond of it.

Firstly, there was the lack of speech marks in the writing so it was hard to decipher at first when people were talking rather than just thinking. However, I did get used to this as the book went on so it wasn’t a major issue. Also, I don’t read many books where the author writes in this way so it was a nice bit of originality. Nevertheless, I do miss the speech marks I’m afraid.

“You don’t always get a chance to choose the kind of news you get.”

Potential spoilers up ahead…

The second thing I did not like was the relationship between Daisy and Edmond. I’m sorry, but they are cousins. As a matter of fact, they are parallel cousins, a relationship which is even unacceptable by the Yanomami, not just people in the West. On the other hand, a lot of the book was in fact spent with them apart making it more bearable. Regardless, this was one of those things which I found difficult to overlook.

In the end I did like the story and the ending to an extent. I mean, it was fairly happy. I absolutely loved Piper, she was definitely my favourite character and I quite liked Isaac too.

“Staying alive was what we did to pass the time.”

Furthermore, a big part of this story was survival. It was about continuing to live despite any lack of hope. The story is more than a relationship between two characters, it is about how far people go for those they love and their family in order for as many as possible to survive.

Part of the reason I wanted to read this book was because I had heard good things about it online and the movie was on Netflix. Of course, I will always do my best to read the book before watching the movie so I bought the book. As soon as I finish writing this post I shall be logging onto Netflix to watch the movie with a glass of lemonade. I know that my friend enjoyed it so hopefully I will too.

Overall, I would give this book a rating of 3/5.

– Lauren

UPDATE: I have also done a review of the film How I Live Now here.

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