Logging in this afternoon I noticed a new notification stating that I had fifty (plus) followers. I am so surprised that over fifty people follow my blog. When I first started blogging I was shocked to receive my first follower and now I have fifty! I’m sorry, I feel like I’m saying a certain number too much, but it’s always exciting when you hit a milestone.

I am so grateful for you all following me, if it wasn’t for the support from you all I wouldn’t have this dedication to blogging five times a week. Seeing people who are interested and like what I write keep me hitting that publish button.

This June I signed up for Blogging 101 and today’s assignment involves using a prompt. The prompt for today is “Toy Story”. Toy Story happens to be the name of a well-known film I am sure many of us enjoyed when we were younger, or with our children when they were younger, or even now. This prompt connects perfectly with the day I had today because Toy Story is a Disney film and today my best friend, Sophie, and I had a Disney day. It was also in the middle of our Disney day that I realised my achievement of reaching fifty followers.

I say we had a Disney day, but in all honesty we only made it through one film. When I arrived at Sophie’s house we took her dog, Harvey, for a walk, then ordered a Domino’s pizza (which was delicious) which we ate whilst watching Beauty and the Beast. As a book lover, this is one of my favourite Disney films. Us bookworms all dream of owning a library like that one day! I’m working up to it, very slowly, but surely. I just hope that when I own a house one day there will be a room of satisfactory size for my books. I definitely own more books than I own clothes at this point. In fact, I was very proud of my best friend when she told me earlier that she had started reading a book, though the name of it does escape me. It’s definitely not one I have read.

The reason we didn’t make it through more than one film was because we ended up on Skype with our friend Ben from college. Then, before we knew it, the time was half past three and Harvey was due for another little walk before I had to go home. If we had more time available we were intending to also watch The Lion King and in fact Toy Story. What a coincidence!

What is your favourite Disney film or film from your childhood?

Sophie and I are planning another Disney day next week so hopefully this time we will make it through more than one movie.

– Lauren

11 thoughts on “Fifty?!

  1. franzi000 says:

    congrats on the 50 followers 😀
    ohhhhh I love Disney films and Beauty and the Beast is so great! I want one of those libraries too 😛 I can´t decide what Disney film I love the most Beauty and the Beast is high in the dancing, but also The Lion King, Mulan or Cinderella 🙂
    Have fun on your next Disney Day!

    Liked by 1 person

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