Review: The Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.

The Meaning of Liff: The Original Dictionary of Things There Should Be Words For.


“Ahenny; the way people stand when examining other people’s bookshelves.”

“Gonnabarn; an afternoon wasted on watching an old movie on TV.”

As a dictionary, this book is rather difficult to rate and review. From my previous reviews you can also probably gather that I much prefer rating and reviewing fictional books.

Nevertheless, I found this dictionary┬árather enjoyable to read (what a weird sentence!). I couldn’t help but share some words I found with my friends, the more humorous ones at least and the relate-able.

E.g. “Clunes; people who just won’t go.”

“Coodardy; astounded at what you’ve just managed to get away with.”

“Alcoy; wanting to be bullied into having another drink.”

The words with their descriptions were for the most part very specific, but this just made them so much more applicable for particular instances in life, and even those you could not relate to were often found funny.

I bought this book with my friend and then we headed to the pub and were sat turning to random pages so it was definitely a fun way to fill the time, then when I got home I stayed up late to read every word and its definition, the amount of which I would then send to my friend was probably bordering between funny and annoying.

I did like reading this book and feel like I have learnt something and hopefully it’ll lead to some funny conversations in which the majority of people will have no idea what my friend and I are saying.

My only problem is that I highly doubt I have the ability to remember all of these incredible words and apply them to conversations.

Overall, I would rate this book a 4/5 for the pleasure I did have reading it.

– driftinglexi


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