Spot Inspired Nail Art.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso.

It appears that throughout my time I have been inspired by spots a great deal to create nail art. These are not every single spotty design I have ever done, but they are the neatest and most creative ones I have ever done (at least the ones I have done on myself).

As in previous posts, some of these nails were produced up to two and a half years ago so the camera quality (as well as my own ability) does vary slightly.

Autumnal spots

Firstly, we have some seemingly random spots in the colours orange, brown and yellow. This was for a rather autumnal look and simply involves using various sized dotting tools to place dots over the nail, concentrating mostly on one side or in one corner.

Black and white spots with bow

This next design is in black and white. I am a big fan of simple black and white designs. The colours go well together, they will always look good with an outfit and in my opinion you just cannot go wrong with them.

On many occasions, as you will see below, I have done simply spots, so this time I changed it up a little and added a bow on one nail using a black striper. The rest of the nails were done using a small dotting tool.

Blue and white spots

Blue is one of my favourite colours so I accidentally end up painting a lot of blue nail designs. I also own a great deal of blue nail polishes.

For this design I painted a medium blue background, then used a large dotting tool to paint dark spots, waiting for them to dry and then adding white spots within these using a smaller dotting tool. I do love using my dotting tools.

Even rainbow spots

This next nail design was very time consuming and colourful and I do love colourful nails. Let’s be honest, I love all nails. Here I used the same dotting tool for all of the spots (with continuous cleaning of course which only lengthened the process) and I painted vertically down each nail in one line for each colour. I stuck as close to the order of the rainbow as I possibly could.

Half spotty half black

Back to black and white after all of that colour, these nails are similar to the first ones, except only half each nail is spotty.

Using a black striper I painted a line diagonally down the nail. I think used a black nail polish and the brush it came with to paint the whole lower half of the nail beneath the diagonal line.

Light spots

Here is one of my simplest spotty designs. I loved wearing this design because the light colours with the short nails made them look really cute. I personally think that this is a great nail design for people with shorter nails who feel that they cannot do anything creative with them, especially when there are a lot of complicated designs out there and there is simply not a lot of space on the nail.

Purple with black and white spots

This is another way of doing spotty nails without covering the whole nail.

Originally, I was going to cover the entire nail, but I was too lazy and I actually prefer it this way. I think it would have otherwise been too much due to the alternation between the black and white spots.

Rainbow spots

The final design I have to share is possibly my favourite.

This was probably the most time consuming, but most fun design of the lot. It was also greatly loved by my friends too and I ended up repeating it on my best friend. This design took a while to do because I was constantly, literally every few spots, having to clean my dotting tools and swap them for bigger or smaller ones and change colours. However, in the end I think it was worth it. What’s not to love about some dots in a rainbow formation?

So those are all of my spotty nails, I hope you enjoyed them and feel inspired to do some yourself. If you do, feel free to share them.

Which design was your favourite?

If there are any nail art designs you would be interested in seeing please let me know below and I will try my best to fulfil your wishes.

– driftinglexi


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