Busy, busy, busy.

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” – Jane Austen

Throughout life, we always have something on the go. For some, this could mean school or work, a holiday etc. The point is though, that we are always busy as though we need to fill every moment with something rather than stopping for a while. We think we are relaxing sometimes, but are we really? We might have the day off, but we’re still busy as we’ve gone to the local cafe for a chat with a friend, or we’re reading a book, catching up on a television show… The possible opportunities are endless. You see, all these things, no matter how unimportant they may be, they keep us busy. And so, this brings me to the purpose of writing a post of how busy life can be, because this is my final weekend of summer before I go back to college for another year and despite it being summer, I have been too busy the last nine days to write another post like I had hoped to do.

We are all busy so I must apologize if I am unable to post often. I am going to hope for once a week, if I have time to do more, trust me, I will. If not, feel free to blame my lecturers!

Until next week… (or hopefully sooner!) xxx


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